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PBX-Interoperability Partner

PBX Interoperability Partners

Snom has established an interoperability program for PBX vendors to provide the best possible integration of our phones into their solutions. 

Snom Advanced Interoperability

Snom Advanced Interoperability (SAI) covers all necessary requirements for a Snom phone to operate on a VoIP platform, including all major features expected from a phone system. Beyond initial registration and basic two-way audio phone calls, SAI also makes sure that important security requirements are met, and that exceptional voice quality plus advanced call scenarios such as attended transfer, conference calls, voicemail and call forwarding are covered.


Snom Turnkey Integration

Snom Turnkey Integration (STI) is the highest level of integration of Snom phones on a VoIP platform. It guarantees maximum user experience, as no configuration on the endpoint is required and the “time to dialtone” is optimized. Turnkey integration requires zero-touch deployment, including automatic detection of phones in the network, redirection of phones to provision server, and endpoint management features such as device inventory, remote reboot, remote reprovisioning, remote factory reset and centralized mass firmware updates.

Additionally, some partners enhance user experience by providing customized user interfaces modifying menu structures, images, function key pre-assignment and much more.


Become an interop Partner

If you're interested in our Interop Program please send an Email to