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PBX-Interoperability Partner - Elastix

Company Profile

Elastix® is developed and managed by PaloSanto Solutions an Ecuadorian Based Company.

PaloSanto Solutions is a leader in open source innovation and new technology in Latin America. Our experience in the development and implementation of open source technologies makes us the preferred technology provider to more than 1000 companies. Our team of accomplished professionals with the highest certifications in the industry is always ready to serve your company in the best way possible.

Currently, PaloSanto Solutions offers its solutions through its offices in Ecuador, United States and several partners around the world. Many of our customers around the world have benefited from low-cost of PaloSanto and its technological excellence.

Products & Solutions

Elastix is an Open Source Software to establish Unified Communications. About this concept, Elastix goal is to incorporate all the communication alternatives, available at an enterprise level, into a unique solution.

The Elastix project begun as a call report interface for Asterisk and was released in March of 2006. Later that year the project evolved into an Asterisk Based distro.

Telephony was the traditional way that lead communications the last century, that’s why many Companies and users focus their requirements on their necessities to establish telephony communications on their organizations, and confuse unified communications “distros” with a telephone exchange system. Elastix, not only provides telephony, it integrates other communication alternatives to make your organization environment more productive and efficient.

Integration with Snom

The Elastix Hardware Certification Program (EHCP) allows telephony hardware manufacturers to carry out a process to test and inspect their hardware to verify that their products work completely with Elastix. In this program we work together with the producer to make suggestions and review information to enable their hardware to work properly with updated versions of Elastix.

Snom has been part of this program for many years now, and works continuously together with the engineering team at Elastix to guarantee the best possible integration of Snom phones on Elastix VoIP platform.

D300 Series D305 D315 D345 D375
Elastix Release 4.0 certified
D700 Series D710 D715 D725 D745 D765
Elastix Release 4.0 certified
DECT Workplace Mobility M325 M700 M25 M65 M85
Elastix Release 4.0 certified
Conferencing & Broadcasting MeetingPoint PA1
Elastix Release 4.0 certified
300 Series 300 320
Elastix Release 2.4 certified
800 Series 821 870
Elastix Release 2.4 certified
700 Series 710 720 760
Elastix Release 2.4 certified

For further information please also visit Elastix certified hardware website.